November 02, 2004

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Chinese women and sex

The SCMP reports the results of an online poll of Chinese women and their attitudes to sex. Three quarters were satisfied with their sex lives, although on average they had sex 6 or 7 a month, compared to 10 to 15 times a month for American women. 2.5% described themselves as lesbians and 3.7% as bisexual.

Both Professor Cao [vice-chairman of the Chinese Medical Association] and Mr Ma [survey director] said they were surprised at the level of sexual knowledge among the women surveyed.

"They were good at answering questions about climaxes and sensitive points," Mr Ma said.

They also discovered 40.8% of women admitted to cheating on their husbands. It's a sexual revolution, only 40 years after the West. Now you know why Chinese women are such a happy lot.

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"10 to 15 times a month for American women"

Methinks some American women lied on their survey.

posted by: Rob on 11.02.04 at 11:37 AM [permalink]

I agree, Rob, given it's meant to be an average. Here I was thinking women never lied about these things.

I should point out the survey was online, so biased towards younger, city dwelling folks.

posted by: Simon on 11.02.04 at 05:59 PM [permalink]

No, I think the 10-15 times a month is an understatement.

For those of us that are no longer stateside and having rabid sex with foreigners, that is.

posted by: Helen on 11.02.04 at 06:55 PM [permalink]

Helen, it's sooooo uncool to show off like that. Firstly you're making everyone jealous. Secondly you're making everyone jealous. There's a third point but I forgot what it is.

I'm jealous.

posted by: Simon on 11.02.04 at 06:58 PM [permalink]

I think Helen may be bringing that average up almost single-handedly.

I'm jealous, too, Simon.

posted by: Rob on 11.02.04 at 08:21 PM [permalink]

Wow! Almost 41% admit that?! I wonder how many don't admit it...

Do they have similar polls in places like Australia or the US?

And how did they choose the women?

posted by: Matt Waters on 11.03.04 at 07:21 PM [permalink]

Don't know about Chinese women, but Korean women will have as much sex as you--the male--can stand. The only limiting factor I think is the amount of soju and cigarettes the men here smoke. Makes them kind of--well--noodle-like.

posted by: A Yank Abroad on 11.05.04 at 11:22 PM [permalink]

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