October 11, 2004

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Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

  • Driving on China's roads can be murder. And even worse the WHO says Beijing is underestimating the numbers by more than 100,000 deaths a year. Phil looks at solutions.

  • Chris looks at the huge value of Hong Kong's helper army.

  • China is taking concrete steps in its fight against AIDS, on the subways and in the pubs.

  • Hemlock notes (Monday, Oct 11 entry) the dubious qualifications of HK's famous finger waver and the gweilo population of Hong Kong will be gone, by 2193.

  • First spam, now Cialis in contraband medicine. Maybe they should try fish instead?

  • Jodi explains why the arms embargo against China should remain in place. She also thinks China has been remarkably tolerant with Taiwan.

  • A fascinating piece of Hong Kong's history: the events of October 10th 1953 left some with a disdainful view of Anglo-American ideas of "freedom" and of the Republic of China.
  • Korea and Japan

  • Forget about the war on terror. Marmot has everything you need to know about that other war: the war on prostitution. Those affected are protesting vigorously.

  • There's a price on the head of Korean soldiers in Iraq

  • Why hasn't North Korea collapsed? The original article by Nicholas Eberstadt has plenty of food for thought. Andy takes issue with some of the points raised, particularly on the political side while the Infidel says the main question is not how the North persists but why it should? Also take a look at a thorough analysis of the USA's North Korean Human Rights Act and policy on North Korea. Clearly China's worried about an influx of more North Korean refugees.

  • A Japanese cartoonist is coming under fire for portraying the Rape of Nanjing.

  • North Korea's position on the US elections: they don't care who wins.

  • Joi Ito wonders if Japan was ready for a super-typhoon.

  • Japan's trying to stop another kind of invasion.
  • SE and Other Asia

  • The Acorn looks at the Afghan poll and Rajan takes issues with the idea the poll was too early.

  • The Swanker thinks more Aussies should learn Asian languages and that it might help in Australia's war on terror. Rajan thinks it would be a waste of money.
  • Miscellany

  • Arthur goes around the world in 31 blogs.

  • The perfect gift for your Korean friends this Christmas.

  • Rajan takes issue with the Nobel Peace Prize. Niraj has a good suggestion for a winner for the Economics Prize.

  • Love often is the victim of tortured analogies. But this could be a first for cabbage.

  • Where being ostentatious has no bounds.

  • Do they all really look the same? Play the game and test yourself. And then wonder about the reverse: to many Asians, all caucasians look the same.

  • Even the humble accordion is being digitised.
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    Asia by Blog
    Excerpt: I got mentioned again in today's edition of Simon's Asia by Blog. Three times.
    Weblog: Rajan Rishyakaran
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    China road deaths - more than twice as high as first thought
    Excerpt: The number of deaths from road traffic accidents in China may be more than twice as high as reported previously. An update to the World Health Organization's April 2004 "World report on road traffic injury prevention" suggests that in 2002,
    Weblog: Single Planet
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    Asia by Blog
    Excerpt: It goes without saying that if you haven't seen Simon's latest Asia by Blog roundup, you should take the opportunity to do so now.
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    Simon's Done It Again
    Excerpt: He's done it again. No, not mentioning me, though he did link to my post about AllLookSame?. I mean Simon's put together a great digest of links from pan-Asian blogs. There are some really interesting things there, especially about Japan's...
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