September 23, 2004

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In his own words

Hemlock on the BBC, Iraq and hostages:

Didn’t BBC TV news once have a reputation for being vaguely watchable? Or was it always as bad as it is this evening? The lead item, the kidnapping in Baghdad of three luckless civilian contractors, has been turned into a soppy human-interest story. The American pair have had their throats cut already, conveniently leaving a Brit (why else would it be the main story?) to boost the BBC’s ratings. Poor Kenneth Bigley’s brother and family are interviewed at length – newly discovered experts on hostage crisis management, terrorist negotiation tactics and large areas of UK foreign policy. Let murderous fanatics decide who should be in Iraqi prisons, they plead, and they will free our brother. It is as ridiculous as it is understandable, yet the BBC reporter just sits there nodding and feeling their pain, like those dribbling saps who did exclusive interviews with the saintly bimbo Diana. It’s all her fault. She turned this country from the land of the stiff upper lip – the nation that stared Nazi-occupied Europe in the face without blinking – into a place where unbridled emotion is a virtue, politicians cry on camera, and people leave piles of flowers and teddy bears at the scene of every mishap. And anthropomorphic lunacy has made fox-hunting a crime. I am getting homesick. Oh, to stroll down to the gai see and watch old Mrs Wong take her razor to a chicken's neck!
Brilliant. If you're not reading him, why not?

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British Hostage Kenneth Bigley Beheaded
Excerpt: UPDATE 3:38 EDT: A new video of Kenneth Bigley has been posted. In the video he pleads for his life. Links to video and images from it posted here. No, not yet. The deadline looms. I weep for his family,...
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Thanks for putting that up! I hadn't taken a look at Hemlock in a long time. Time to visit again. Is it just me, or are 90% of the great asian blogs in Hong Kong?

posted by: Sam_S(ShenzhenRen blog) on 09.23.04 at 11:03 PM [permalink]

Yip, just about managed to not kick the television. Why not let those that are clearly not of sound mind decide who should or should not be in jail?


posted by: jon on 09.24.04 at 04:48 AM [permalink]

Sadly Britain's Labor governemnt has gotten its claws into the BBC. This government is going to kill what once was the worlds most trusted source of information.

I was in England a year or two ago (shudder, no repress the memories, repress, repress) and thought that Channel Four, one of the independant news stations was good, they did a lot of hard hitting documentaries and didn't pander to political whims.

posted by: ACB on 09.25.04 at 11:09 AM [permalink]

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