June 10, 2004

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This blog will be enjoying a long weekend and taking a well-deserved Friday off to bask in family love and Hong Kong sunshine. Thus an early version of this beloved post.

My audacious Charity Readership Drive is off to a great start. But do not rest on those laurels - it takes 2 weeks of sustained readership to get those charity dollars happening.

Two main events dominated headlines this week. Firstly the 60th anniversary of the D-day landings. Silent Running ran a brilliant series called Beebvision with all the posts here and a final summary. And in true media fashion it's yours to keep. Matt also had a great summary of events. He also has a voicemail from the famous Mr. Green that is well worth a listen. And CVE is engaged in a WW2 Oral History project.

The other main event was Ronald Reagan's passing. Tim Blair has a comprehensive round-up of responses. Via Conrad who has been busy exercising) there is also this impressive summary by Functional Ambivalent. Reflecting on Reagan and the Cold War is the blogosphere's most interesting, thought-provoking and well-written blog, Wretchard's Belmont Club.

On Iraq A.E. Brain makes an interesting comparison between Iraq and another war, but not the one you think.

I already mentioned this in Asia by Blog but sometimes the name is the thing (via Richard).

DaGoddess points out a Lord Of the Rings version by the Monty Python crew.

Jim had a very mixed week - he lost his job AND bought a house all at the same time. I've no doubt he will find another job quickly because he's a good guy and he's funny and good funny guys deserve happy endings. And if not then I can organise for him to get a "happy ending" here in Hong Kong instead.

The Blogosphere's Survivor has had its first tribal council.

Rob takes issue with Van Halen's "reunion".

The Commissar has found Cambodia's latest best-seller. Hours of interesting reading, once you've finished with blogs, of course.

In a busy week for the Beltway James lead me to Kevin and the most important countdown of the week. Soon it won't be a crime. Also Kevin has a competition for what is apparently considered a lucrative prize: a gmail account. Space Monkey shows off - he's got 3.

Jeff G places an extra special McDonald's order.

Goldie had some bad news this week, tempered by the fact that it was her birthday and that she remains an absolute hottie.

Harry's sorry.

The well-designed and darn interesting Fall of Jericho has been doing some tweaking and I have found myself in some elite company. Absolutely honoured, Mike.

And to finish on a good note Trey has some funny photos to get you through the weekend.

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Shall I offer up boobies next time to get multiple linkage?

posted by: Da Goddess on 06.10.04 at 04:49 PM [permalink]

I loooooove happy endings!

posted by: Jim on 06.10.04 at 06:21 PM [permalink]

Enjoy your weekend.

posted by: Jane on 06.14.04 at 05:44 AM [permalink]

Hey, all I did was belatedly observe your eliteness. ;-)

posted by: Mike Jericho on 06.15.04 at 10:48 PM [permalink]

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