October 01, 2007

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Apologies for the lackidasical posting...there's some life changing events going on.

Catching up on some reading and came across David Webb's Incredibubble article...go read it and start worrying. Bubbles are fun to watch up when they burst they tend to make a mess.

posted by Simon on 10.01.07 at 11:00 AM in the China economy category.


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What an amazingly cool yet simple design; the junk and the sailboat, the koala and the panda.

Maybe I should rip this from you. I'm technically Chinese American, but I was born in Sydney and now live in Malaysia.

Or, I could make my own; a koala, a panda, a grizzly and a...er, durian?

Check out my blog, too! www.jackquelinelou.com Thanks!

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