August 21, 2007

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Good times

Certain parts of the Hong Kong economy are expecting a boost this week, courtesy of the US military:

Wan Chai rolled out the red carpet yesterday as bar owners eyed a bonanza of up to HK$78 million from the 5,000 visiting sailors aboard the USS Nimitz.
The nuclear-powered supercarrier, one of the largest warships in the world, steamed into Hong Kong yesterday, and ship officers said crew members were expected to each spend between US$800 and US$2,000 (HK$6,240 to HK$15,600) during their four-day stay.

However, the crew has been advised to strictly adhere to the 11pm curfew and the fact that the legal drinking age for American sailors is now 21.

Let's see...a bunch of 19 year old sailors who aren't allowed to's going to be a busy week down in East Central.

posted by Simon on 08.21.07 at 12:18 PM in the Hong Kong economy category.


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