July 10, 2007

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Hong Kong's double standards

The tabloid press in Hong Kong can be amongst the most vicious in the world...and being a small town, you never know when you're going to get caught. That's the moral of the saga of RTHK head Chu Pui-hing, who's quit after being caught by a group of paparazzi who spotted him with a young lady leaving a club. He didn't do himself any favours by ducking for cover and running away and when the media smell blood they don't let up until they get their catch. We now know all about Coco from Szechuan, his young companion, and that his wife has forgiven him (at least until the fuss has died down). Coco's career is looking up.

But what this all exposes, besides inept PR from the man that is running the city's public broadcaster, is the double standards by which Hong Kong lives. The city, like many others, has numerous hostess bars, nightclubs and the like. They are frequented by many. So what does it matter if the head of RTHK goes to a club and walks out with a woman? How is this relevant to his job? His organisation? The rule is that people in authority must be held to some higher standard, but why? Is RTHK any better or worse his activities after hours? If he hasn't done something illegal, what is the case for his leaving his post (other than that RTHK is at an all time low already and could only get worse after this)? In short, what has Mr Chu actually done wrong here?

posted by Simon on 07.10.07 at 11:17 AM in the Hong Kong people category.


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You know I'm in basic agreement with you on this. Except for one thing. In one of the reports I read, buried way down, was the implication that someone else paid for this young lady to accompany this man. If so, who paid and what favors, if any, did he hope to gain in return?

posted by: spike on 07.10.07 at 01:38 PM [permalink]

Last thing I read about it (and I've read a total of two articles) was that he paid himself, about HK$5,000 for Coco's services.

posted by: Simon on 07.12.07 at 05:24 PM [permalink]

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