May 01, 2007

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Pandas and people

Some innovative thinking in Hong Kong today.

Item 1: "Tsang promises to adopt new approach towards policymaking". What is this brave new way for our newly "elected" and enlightened leadership to guide our fair city?

Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen yesterday pledged a full-scale change in the government's attitude to policymaking, with public opinion at the core of its new approach.

As well as seeking deeper and broader public involvement, the government would establish communication channels with the public early in the process, Mr Tsang said.

It's just crazy enough to work....until it clashes with the interests of the 3 Bs: business, Beijing, and the bureaucracy.

Item 2: Hong Kongers' approval of the central government's policies has shot up in the past two months, according to the SCMP. What caused this jump?

Beijing's gifts of two giant pandas to Hong Kong has paid off, with a survey showing people's satisfaction with state policy towards the city surging to a 12-month high. Those happy with the central government's policies rose 7.5 percentage points to 49.3 per cent over the past two months...The figure is the second highest since the survey began in 1997.
Pandas pay off.

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