April 13, 2007

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Horizontal folk dancing in Beijing

There's one golden rule in life: don't get caught:

A FORMER senior discipline inspection official in Hunan Province has been expelled from the Communist Party of China after being caught with a prostitute, one of many officials brought down in a campaign against corruption carried out across the central province. Du Xiangcheng, formerly deputy Party secretary of the provincial discipline inspection commission, was found to have made a sexual trade with a prostitute from Belarus at a five-star hotel room in Beijing in December 2005 while on a business trip, the China News Service said yesterday, citing Hunan's discipline watchdog.

Du was caught red-handed when police broke into the room after receiving a tipoff, an earlier media report said...Du made a reputation for himself for his stance against corruption and led the probe against Peng Jinyong, former secretary of the Changde City Committee for Discipline Inspection, in Hunan. Peng was alleged to have acquired more than 770,000 yuan (US$99,670) through corruption in 2004. Du was then quoted as saying, "Cadres are only human and they have desires, so we should all be tested."

Are there people staking out Beijing's 5 star hotels to catch cadres out? Are people like Mr Du really that stupid as to think they can bring a hooker (and all the articles note she is Belarussian, implying I'm not sure what) to their room in a fancy Beijing hotel without being noticed?

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