March 27, 2007

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Queen's pier

While it was OK to demolish the old Star Ferry terminal, nearby Queen's Pier is to be preserved. This will lead to the ludicrous situation where there will be a pier about 40 yards inland from the (fast diminishing) harbour. It will also be a pain in the backside to the government's plans:

The plan will cause a four-month delay to the CRIII contract, with a substantial prolongation cost. The reassembling of the pier structure would cost an extra $10 million. The overall cost estimate for this option is in the order of $50 million.
Perhaps that's the key - make it appear so ridiculous that everyone will agree to knock the thing down so we don't interupt out lovely new highway.

From The Standard:

The source said that as far as the government can see, it would be more practical to disassemble the pier and store its parts for reassembling in the adjacent open space outside City Hall or at a location, subject to public consultation.
We're going to end up with a pier next to a highway and City Hall. This is considered a victory for heritage preservation in Hong Kong. Take a look...


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I just don't understand it. Why keep that and not the clock tower from the old Star Ferry pier. The latter would still have made some sense in abstraction from it's original function.

Perhaps they could use the building as an eatery, but given that location will be every bit as inhospitable as the roadside on the reverse of City Hall, it will be ugly.

I'm trying to imagine the walk from the ferry piers opposite IFC to the end of the new reclamation and the picture in my mind is pretty harsh and inhospitable.

posted by: fernando on 03.27.07 at 01:39 PM [permalink]

this is great. bureacracy meets town planning, meets populace, meets critics...we get...surrealism.

posted by: doug on 03.27.07 at 02:56 PM [permalink]

I wonder if they'll turn it into a service station?

posted by: Simon on 03.27.07 at 06:14 PM [permalink]

Public toilet more likely!

posted by: HKMacs on 03.28.07 at 02:51 PM [permalink]

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