March 26, 2007

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It seems appropriate to mention Australia's 2-0 victory over China in a soccer international this weekend. And no need to mention the cricket, especially to our previously cocky Indian and Pakistani friends.

Meanwhile in results that were known before the event, Donald Tsang won the "election" for Hong Kong Chief Executive. It boggles the mind why The Don was overcome with emotion when the result was announced, given the result has been know for 2 years or so. It also boggles the mind how the TV news last night, and today's papers (including the redesigned SCMP) can spill so much ink and wasting so much hot breath analysing a result that hardly needs it. The most interesting point they could find so far was The Don managed 6 votes more than he expected. In other words the voting intentions were so well flagged the camps had the expectations down to an exact number. The North Koreas would be proud to run such elections.


Check out the election coverage over at Asia Sentinel, which looks at the Hong Kong media's self-censorship.

posted by Simon on 03.26.07 at 10:18 AM in the Sport category.


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