March 16, 2007

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Japan's not doing it for itself

A touch late with this news, but it turns out that one of the reasons for Japan's low birthrate is they don't do the horizontal folk dance often enough:

A record 39.7 percent of Japanese citizens ages 16-49 have not had sex for over a month up 5 percentage points from two years ago according to a survey published this week by the Japan Family Planning Association. Among married couples, the rate was only slightly lower, at 34.6 percent...

"The situation is dismal," Kitamura said. "My research shows that if you don't have sex for a month, you probably won't for a year."

What seems most amazing is that Japan is home to a massive p0rn industry and has a pretty relaxed attitude towards sex. It's just not translated into action in the bedroom. Mind you this does explain why many Japanese seem uptight all the time. And that last piece of research could be handy: "But honey, it's been 29 days and the research says..."

Last time Japan's government tried to do something about this issue, it took them 50 years to offer a qualified apology and only 10 more to repudiate it. Maybe the government should sponsor the domestic p0rn industry instead to get those libidos going.

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