March 13, 2007

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It doesn't grow on trees

Plastic money is coming to Hong Kong and Henry Tang tells us:

Experience in countries that have introduced polymer notes suggests that they are cleaner, more durable and more secure. They are also more environmentally friendly, since they last longer and can be recycled for other use.
How can this be reconciled with Hong Kong's tremendously reduced plastic bag useage? We use hessian bags to carry the shopping but plastic money to pay for it? Why don't they just make Octopus cards compulsary and be done with cash for good?

posted by Simon on 03.13.07 at 11:02 AM in the Hong Kong category.


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Because that would be a novel approach. We don't do novel approaches here.

Some other city or territory must do it first and it must be successful before we implement it and call it our unique solution to Hong Kong's unique problems.

posted by: doug on 03.13.07 at 12:46 PM [permalink]

How can we have novel approaches here while we can't even elect our city chief?

I agree with Simon that we can make Octopus cards compulsory. Yet, before we do that, we need to make Octopus company fix the program bugs and make the company disclose the problems in a transparent manner.

posted by: Gloria on 03.13.07 at 02:36 PM [permalink]

Yeah, why does it insist it does not know why it happened? Clearly, it does know and it has everything to do, I bet, with the lack of Internet and digital security in Hong Kong.

I've said it before. It's obvious. our security solutions here are not good.

posted by: doug on 03.13.07 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

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