March 12, 2007

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Drink it dry

There's no pleasing some people. Henry Tang finally halves the city's high grog taxes only for the worry-warts to start fretting that kids may (brace yourself) drink themselves stupid, according to the SCMP:

Binge drinking among university students could become even more of a problem because of the cut in tax on alcohol, an academic has warned...Students mainly drink beer, with increased preference for wine and spirits in their second year at university. They drink for celebration, to relieve stress and to enjoy themselves.
This contrasts with university academics and older alcohol users, who drink to deal with failure, avoid stress and depress themselves. But perhaps our aspiring students are not simply being young adults, experimenting as youngsters have since caveman times. Perhaps they are simply grooming themselves for higher political office.

Drink up, youth of Hong Kong.

posted by Simon on 03.12.07 at 10:58 AM in the Hong Kong category.


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you trying to turn the Hong Kong students into the piss heads like the Aussie students?
Too Expensive to drink to much here in Singapore.
But yes drinking habits or the reason why you drink changes over time, but all boils down to numbing the brain

posted by: Geoff on 03.12.07 at 11:53 AM [permalink]

take a waltz through a mong kok night club of an evening. grog/alcohol is the least of the worries.

what about the kids so doped up on medications and ketamine?

posted by: doug on 03.12.07 at 12:45 PM [permalink]

Yes Doug, and can it be co-incidence these kids are all whacked out on E and Ketamine, which aren't taxed at all? The solution is obvious: 80% duties on all illicit drugs.

posted by: Simon on 03.12.07 at 01:47 PM [permalink]


posted by: doug on 03.12.07 at 07:08 PM [permalink]

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posted by: 573i4mzyzp on 03.20.07 at 09:05 PM [permalink]

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