February 28, 2007

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Best transit system

Hong Kong's MTR comes in number 10 (via Kottke)...

Having ridden seven of the eleven listed, I can tell you Hong Kong is closer to number 1 than 10. The Tube as number 1? Waht are your rankings?

posted by Simon on 02.28.07 at 06:50 PM in the Hong Kong category.


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I've been on five of those and for me the MTR really should be in the top 2-3. The tube is undergoing lots of renovation, but having lived with it for a few years I would struggle to put in the top 5 - charming but infuriating. Heck, as things stand the Delhi one is better, not to mention Boston or Singapore.

posted by: fernando on 02.28.07 at 08:38 PM [permalink]

The tube as no. 1? You've got to be joking! Dirty smelly, constantly delayed and overcrowded. And if you're disabled...The scale of investment needed to upgrade this specimen of Victorian plumbing means serious modernisation isn't on the cards. Oystercard is not a patch on the Octopus. Unsurprising that the piece was written for a British tourism outfit.

HongKong in the top 3 for me. Much better designed than Singapore.

posted by: shwe on 02.28.07 at 09:14 PM [permalink]

You could argue that the MTR doesn't go to enough places... but come on, even the Beijing subway is ahead of the MTR? Seriously?

posted by: spacehunt on 03.01.07 at 01:30 AM [permalink]

'The Hong Kong subway, also known as the Mass Transit Railway (which translates to "underground railway" in English)'

'Mass transit' means underground in Cantonese? Woah..

posted by: Mark on 03.01.07 at 05:01 AM [permalink]

I would say those rankings are based on placed Virgin Vacations would want you to visit. Number 1 is the Tube, because its in London. That's home cooking judgement for ya.

Rating New York above any of these is just...crazy.

posted by: GZ Expat on 03.01.07 at 06:23 AM [permalink]

I haven't been to HK but I'm glad to see Paris at #2 (I live in Paris) and I'm shocked to see London at #1, as I think the Paris system is much better than London. I don't have a car and I live in the suburbs and the system is so great I can get wherever I want with ease. As one of the oldest systems it's amazing at just how efficient it is!

posted by: Michael on 03.02.07 at 03:25 AM [permalink]

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