February 20, 2007

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Kung Hei Faat Choi once again.

I don't often look at the letters/op-ed page of the SCMP as prolonged exposure has been known to lead to insanity and a spouting of the government line. But I've noticed that ex-Standard columnist Stephen Vines is now penning his pieces for the far better paid SCMP pages instead. Which means more wire service op-eds for The Standard...which is not necessarily a bad thing. While on things SCMP, Doug Crets sees hints that changes are afoot at the world's most uselss newspaper website.

Meanwhile our papers are telling us what a world-beating, magnificent fireworks display they had in Victoria Harbour last night. But could anyone see it through the fog?

OK, you can go back to follow Brittney's haircut now.

posted by Simon on 02.20.07 at 11:50 AM in the SCMP category.


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"But could anyone see it through the fog?"


posted by: fernando on 02.20.07 at 03:00 PM [permalink]

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