January 23, 2007

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Scenes from a bubble, again

Today's Standard reports on the latest exotic disease to strike China: stock fever. Here's some handy hints from people who really know what they're doing.

"The stock market at the moment remains very bullish. There are ample chances to invest. Making money from the equity market is not difficult at all," the report quoted Liu, a retail investor who refused to give his full name, as saying.

"While deciding which stocks to pick, remember to buy stocks that have at least 20 percent growth. Yet, do not buy stocks that have 200 percent growth as their room to grow is very limited," Liu said. He added it was not difficult to raise capital for the initial investment.

"The simplest way is to apply for a credit card and get the cash advance. Many of the retail investors are actually using this method - like me," Liu said. "As long as the money is not for long-term investment or investment involving high-risk vehicles, it is all right to use this method."

In cheerier news, a Chinese TV station "accidentally" broadcast porn. Several people were fired but the station achieved record ratings for its midnight to 2am timeslot.

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