January 18, 2007

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And we're iBack

Lovely holiday in the home of the Ashes, thanks.

Slowly getting back into the swing of things here...including splurging (finally) on an iMac. Arrives next week, along with an indoctrination kit and a mantra of the virtues of all thing neatly but expensively designed.

In the meantime, ESWN points to a story that confirms my suspicions on at least some Hong Kong beggars. If you feel compelled to give, a better mechanism is through recognised charities, but I maintain that instead of spreading one's charity giving amongst many, it makes more sense to focus on a single charity and give a large amount to that one charity...see this discussion at MR.

posted by Simon on 01.18.07 at 03:38 PM in the Hong Kong category.


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Almost 17 years ago (if I remember correctly), there used to be a crippled (his legs were odd and ugly) beggar who used to everyday (from morning until late night) sit near the stairs of the footbridge between Central and Exchange Square.

Most people (including yours truly) used to give him money because he looked so desperate, needy, ugly (or whatever you can think of). In short, he was not a pleasant sight to see (and therefore the pity, I guess).

However, (one day, in those days) a local person told me (and at that time, I had been in Hong Kong for around 5 years) that the so-called beggar was a millionaire and every night a luxury car (with a chauffer) picked him up in a back street in Sheung Wan.

I couldn't believe it. But the local person (one of my subordinates) took me to the spot at 11:00pm and I saw it for myself.

I have never given to beggars since. Though, I donate to reputed and genuine charities.


PS: I last saw that beggar sometime around 1998 (on that same spot). I haven't seen him during my last few visits to Exchange Square. May be he immigrated to Canada. Ha ha.

posted by: Nude King on 01.18.07 at 10:34 PM [permalink]

G'day Simon,

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