December 13, 2006

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Donald Asprey in today's Standard Metro section tells the story of a Hong Kong couple who kept a blog recounting the tragic 9 day life of their baby. Indeed it's such a good story that it was also reported by Tonny Chan, in the Standard's Metro section yesterday. All of which begs a couple of questions. Firstly, do the reporters at The Standard read their own paper? Secondly, does the Metro editor at The Standard read their own paper? Thirdly, are they that short of story ideas?

Meanwhile, Mark Clifford's musical chairs continues at the SCMP. What is it with the English language papers in this town?

posted by Simon on 12.13.06 at 09:06 AM in the Media category.


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There's also two stories by the same reporter telling two different angles about the fish trade. I question which one is correct and is that particular reporter vulnerable to the whims of government, editors and others? Get a grip! Take a stand!

And have some principles for once, madam.

posted by: greg on 12.13.06 at 09:38 AM [permalink]

The Standard's Metro desk is a complete cluster fark. Tonny Chan is the asst. metro editor, which makes the repetition of the dead baby blog story even worse as he and the clown who oversees him, a bloated, psychotic and feeble minded stuttering toad (not that Tonny, with the IQ of a house plant, is any better) named Marcal should've known better.

Which brings us to the fish trade stories. Unlike the days when people such as Lin Neumann and John Berthelsen oversaw metro, it's now overseen by the two govt lickspittle eunichs mentioned above, who, in turn, shout "How high bossman?" when editor-in-chief Ivan Tong (a yokel of the worst sort whose grasp of English is rudimentary at best and who considers The Standard's main competition to be Chinese language newspapers, not the SCMP)tells them to "Jump,coolies!"

Mssr Tong is greatly afeared of the Powers That Be in HK as he is of those in Beijing. So I'm sure that if one fish trade story seemed to offend the status quo, he or his Two Stooges Metro team were quick to smooth out any imagined offended senibilities with the "correct" angle.

posted by: Peter on 12.19.06 at 05:28 PM [permalink]

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