December 08, 2006

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China's modernisation and reforms

The Jamestown Foundation's China Brief this time dedicates itself to China's modernisation and reforms and has some great reading from experts rather than pundits:

1. Bejing's grand new strategy: an offensive with extra-military instruments.
2. Perpertual challenges to China's education reform.
3. China's inner-party democracy: toward a system of "one party, two factions?"
4. Accelerating reforms in China's financial system.
5. Reforming China's healthcare system: Beijing's strategy for establish universal coverage.

They're all interesting reading, just in time for the weekend.

posted by Simon on 12.08.06 at 12:30 PM in the China brief category.


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Thanks for the links. I do not know why so many people seem to think China's education is so good, when it so obviously needs to change.

posted by: China Law Blog on 12.12.06 at 05:21 PM [permalink]

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Dear Simon,

I have been writing your blog for long, which is the very best on East-West relations and beyond. Keep it up!

A new book I am reading may interest you: China and the new world order: how entrepreneurship, globalization, and borderless business are reshaping China and the world, by a very provocative Chinese journalist named george zhibin gu. This is the most relevant and provocative book on current China and global affairs. I would like to get your opinions on it.

posted by: jack on 12.13.06 at 01:20 PM [permalink]

Haven't read it nor heard of it. If I ever get around to it I'll let you know.

posted by: Simon on 12.13.06 at 02:16 PM [permalink]

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