December 06, 2006

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Pay to play

Far be it for oen to question the integrity of Hong Kong's newspapers, but ESWN asks a great question: what are the "promotion" fees being paid by Alan Leong? Will Mark Clifford's high standards again be tested?

posted by Simon on 12.06.06 at 12:47 PM in the Hong Kong category.


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It might be interesting if the original actually said what Roland "translated", but as true dirty hippies would say, Sadly, No!

The header on the table that he's translated in to HK$ doesn't say HK$ or any other monetary unit.

But bravo to him as he's done a nice twist at the end of the article to make it all about Roland while fitting in the his usual smearing of pan-democrat and local journalist smearing.

posted by: Tom - Daai Tou Laam on 12.07.06 at 10:30 PM [permalink]

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