November 22, 2006

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Animal Olympics banned

The SCMP reports on a clampdown:

A popular performance and photo opportunities have been halted at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park after an outcry from animal rights activists, including the Hong Kong-based Animals Asia Foundation. But park spokesman Su Feilong would not rule out the return of the "Animal Olympics" show in the future. "We heard there were a small number of people, especially some foreigners, who objected to this show so we stopped it," Mr Su said yesterday.

The show, originally scheduled to run from last month to the end of this month, included 300 animals, ranging from monkeys to elephants, competing in events such as soccer matches, bicycle races and gymnastics.
What is most amazing is not that the show was closed, but that the zealous Beijing Olympic crew didn't shut 'em down first. But if you've missed it, don't fear...
The park also charged people to take photos with the animals, including tiger cubs, but some children were injured while posing with them. Witnesses have allegedly seen keepers shouting at and hitting the animals to make them pose for the pictures.
Do you get a discount on the photo if the monkey takes a swipe at you? Luckily no-one (yet) has shouted and hit my kids to force them to pose for photos, but the day can't be too far away.

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Very nice website. I love your banner graphic! I've spent a lot of time in both Australia and Hong Kong - love 'em both although you could hardly find two places more opposite.

Just "passing through" your website for now, don't have time to do it justice, but I will come back for another visit soon when I have time to explore it!

posted by: doug (dougs travels) on 11.22.06 at 01:24 PM [permalink]

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