November 20, 2006

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Keep watching the sky

The Economist this week has a letter from a David Crawley of Hong Kong:

I agree with your view, in relation to the Stern report on climate change, that governments should act on “the risk of something really catastrophic” (“Stern warning”, November 4th). I propose investing in a space defence system to protect against alien invasion. Like the melting of Greenland's ice sheet, only a minority of scientists perceive this as a threat and the costs of such a defence are enormous, but if aliens were to invade it would also be a disaster.
I'd love to buy Mr Crawley a beer, preferably before we're invaded.

posted by Simon on 11.20.06 at 12:44 PM in the Environment category.


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Well, as long as you use "minority of scientists" in the sense of the vast majority of scientists, and as long as you use "majority of scientists" to refer to a small number of oil lobbyists.

Other than that David Crawley could definately do with a beer, he seems to be overheating already.

posted by: StefanMuc on 12.06.06 at 02:26 AM [permalink]

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