November 16, 2006

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A question

For those in Hong Kong, why are government official plates all "AM"? Does it stand for anything?

posted by Simon on 11.16.06 at 12:33 PM in the Hong Kong category.


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For Adminstration (Admin).. that is if Wikipedia is to be believed.

Hong Kong car numbers, special prefixes:

posted by: Mister Bijou on 11.16.06 at 04:59 PM [permalink]

That's good enough for me. I should've thought to use the ol' Wikipedia.

posted by: Simon on 11.16.06 at 06:27 PM [permalink]

This means that government vehicles (excluding ambulances and fire engines) are limited to 9,999. Hopefully, this puts at least one constraint on Donald's expanding government.

posted by: fumier on 11.17.06 at 11:43 AM [permalink]

It's a matter of digits, Fumie.

posted by: Simon on 11.17.06 at 12:07 PM [permalink]

i love this site thanks to adim

posted by: Fatima on 11.27.06 at 01:35 PM [permalink]

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