November 01, 2006

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Xinhua Stays Naughty

In Simonworld's ongoing crusade to demonstrate that China's party organ Xinhua has a deep sense of humor, a few photo collages from today's edition.

The first, entitled 'Models at the Airshow in Zhuhai', makes no pretence, as it might have five years ago, to justify its title initially by showing model aeroplanes. It cuts right to the star attractions of these events for defense contractors here and here. It does not then say, but demonstrates in pictures, that the show is in reality also serving as a beauty pageant for China's domestic carriers to prove incontrovertibly that it has the most beautiful air hostesses. Xiamen Airlines seemed the most popular for the photographer with their rather short one-piece minis.

Then in another section featuring at once a fine display of photojournalism and a paean to unbridled capitalism, a photo essay entitled Renault Boss' Girlfriend Poses for Calendar. Look what you can get if you own a car company!

Oh and this one for a rip-roaring time.

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