September 26, 2006

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Strength in numbers

The SCMP reveals that more than one in four Hong Kongers blog...

Two million bloggers in Hong Kong will be able to use copyrighted creative content legally and free on their personal blog or webpage when an online content database is launched by the creative industry later this year.
That count includes George Adams. It pays to at least try and think about these things before putting finger to keyboard.

posted by Simon on 09.26.06 at 12:16 PM in the Blogging category.


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This one really sank didn't it.

And can't you stop reprinting your friend Mr Soong's stories? It's tedious.

posted by: Dr Adams on 09.30.06 at 10:58 PM [permalink]

An old, poor, sick, and lonely man lives in Stanley area of Hong Kong.

It is nighttime. But his house is dark. He has switched off the lights. For he is afraid that the black limousine parked on the street across his house is full of triads, who are more than willing to beat the crap out of him.

Little does he know that black Mercedes Benz and rough looking Chinese men are omnipresent in Hong Kong. Poor Georgie! Should he suffer and keep awake throughout the night just cuz he is paranoid?

Oh God! If you exist and are out there somewhere, please do help dear Georgie.

Auf Wiedersehen!

PS: And since people claim I am Nude King, well, Ciao!

Zer is nothing like a bit of blogger baiting.

Und, zer is nothing like missing your medicashion!

posted by: Bull on 10.01.06 at 04:45 AM [permalink]

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