September 21, 2006

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Economics of Tobacco control in China

China brief time from Jamestown Foundation. A brief summary of the articles:

1. Hu moves to exert added control over PLA - Willy Lam looks at how wily ol' Hu has consolidated his hold over the military...which is looking kind of pertinent post-Thailand and leads to Ian Storey's look at the post-coup Sino-Thai "special relationship". He says the coup is not good news for China.

2. China's annoyed with North Korea's missile tests, says Stephen Blank, but also with Washington and it's a matter of which one is annoying them more (hint: it's not North Korea).

3. Teh-wei Hu has the most interesting article of the lot with a look at the economics of tobacco control in China. It looks at tobacco farming, cigarette manufacturing and the public health problems of tobacco and how this impacts China's tobacco tax policy and the need for China to establish an overall tobacco policy.

Go read and enjoy.

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I think the Thai coup may have introduced an element of uncertainty at present in Sino-Thai relations, but I think it will be fleeting. The "custodial" coups in Thailand do not generally result in any major changes in policy. I think the situation is very likely going to be meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

P.S. Anyone notice that not only Thaksin, but also the head of the opposition party in Thailand is also ethnic Chinese? His name is still Chinese too, unlike Thaksin who's father I believed changed his surname to a Thai one.

posted by: Jing on 09.22.06 at 12:27 AM [permalink]

He,he,he...I just finished watching the MAJ video on You Tube, his "Message to Richard of the Peking Duck". You can find it at:

posted by: The Iliad on 09.22.06 at 10:13 PM [permalink]

Thanks for the link on the economics of tobacco control in China. My company never inspected a tobacco factory. Seems really interesting, though. I'll try a post on this.

posted by: the chief on 09.27.06 at 04:31 AM [permalink]

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