September 21, 2006

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Bear hug

Things not to do when drunk, part 316: don't try hugging a panda.

In newspapers the old adage says that "Dog bites man" isn't news but "Man bites dog" is. Apparently "Man bites panda" always qualifies. And lest you still think it a good idea to have a cuddle, remember:

A lawyer contacted by the reporter said that the Beijing Zoo bears no liability for the accident because a warning sign in front of the panda's playground informed tourists of the potential danger and Zhang is responsible for his own medical bills.
You've been warned.

posted by Simon on 09.21.06 at 09:46 AM in the China people category.


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it was said the panda was under shock and didn't eat for a while. however, the panda was not hurt, so either the guy was exaggerating about his biting back or his teeth was quite weak.

here is the picture for you to assess the wound of the moron.

(replace DOT with a dot -- censored by simon)

posted by: sunbin on 09.24.06 at 08:39 AM [permalink]

Yeouch! That looks painful.

posted by: Gordon on 10.05.06 at 02:12 AM [permalink]

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