September 07, 2006

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On a roll

Yesterday there was Beijing's bomb proof toilet. Today we have a heroic Hong Kong toilet story:

Shortly after midnight Wednesday Tang, 88, found himself locked up in the washroom of a a fast-food restaurant next to City Hall in Central. "The man had gone to the washroom after a concert, but restaurant staff, unaware that someone was still inside, switched off the lights and locked him in," police said.

The man was trapped inside for about an hour and, in a desperate attempt to free himself, burned the toilet paper to attract attention by setting off a fire alarm. The smoke filtered into City Hall, which alerted security guards who subsequently put out the fire.

The guards called the police who rescued the man. The octogenarian was questioned by police before being released.

Move over MacGuyver and Jackie Chan, there's a grumpy old hero in town.

posted by Simon on 09.07.06 at 08:21 AM in the Hong Kong category.


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