August 25, 2006

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Lay off the white rice, lads

It's official - there are now more fat or obese people in China than there are in the US. The percentages of course are still heavily pointing to America as having the most fat people (and Illinois the fattest state), but the trendline is alarming.

So nix the carbs in the white rice. All you Cantonese, mebbe go easy on the dim sum too. You northerners, well, maybe more olive oil, less zha jiang mian and peking duck! Or if you're on the Atkins diet, eat only Peking Duck, just leave off the flour wrappers...:)

posted by HK Dave on 08.25.06 at 05:46 PM in the China food/environment/health category.


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It's not the white rice. They used to eat lots of white rice during the "good old days", together with pickles and vegetables. The problem today is that they're eating the same volume of food (in cubic inches) that they used to, but the portions of rice, vegetables and pickles have been reduced, and the portions of meat are way up. Chinese food is inherently greasy, because of stir-frying and deep-frying. This was OK when most of the food consisted of vegetables and pickles. Today, most of it is pork and chicken. But look for the local media to blame McDonald's. And Frito Lay's (even though Chinese sweetmeats are way greasier, not to mention less tasty, than their Western equivalents).

posted by: Zhang Fei on 09.02.06 at 01:02 AM [permalink]

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