August 03, 2006

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Literal reporting

Sometiems it's hard to tell if the SCMP is being funny or not...although chances are not. The Don is over in Guangzhou and has claimed a breakthrough on the Zhuhai/Macau/Hong Kong bridge project because there will be three customs posts instead of one (this is what constitutes a breakthrough these days). Half-way through this otherwise puzzling reporting piece comes a gem:

Asked why he described the absence of a joint customs and immigration checkpoint as a breakthrough, Mr Tsang said: "It is the agreement which represents a breakthrough ... I think we are now seeing the end of the tunnel."

Mr Tsang was not thought to have been referring to a rival plan for a cross-delta tunnel.

Another reason to avoid cliches: people may take you literally. There was no hint whether the reporter bought drugs for the article.

posted by Simon on 08.03.06 at 08:19 AM in the Hong Kong category.


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