July 14, 2006

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One step ahead

There's plenty of fuss over the new FIFA football rankings...thankfully the Big Lychee has only slipped one spot, down to equal 117th with Kenya and New Zealand, and just pipping the Palestine team. Unfortunately Singapore is a few places ahead of us at 111th and the glorious motherland is a heady 89th. Macau is 183rd, ahead of several other tinpot little countries such as Luxembourg, Aruba, Guam and the Philippines.


posted by Simon on 07.14.06 at 07:17 PM in the Hong Kong category.


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You might enjoy this, Simon. I was watching the Singaporean Channel NewsAsia last night (please don't ask me why!) for a few minutes, when I noticed a bit of text running along the bottom of the screen. In just the right tenor to spark outrage amongst heartlanders, the wording about Australia's FIFA ranking said: "Australia becomes number 1 ranked team in Asia, but complains that it should be higher." Both clauses of course, are meant to offend Singaporean sensibilities - one that Australia should be an Asian team (and introducing, shock horror, another very decent side into the pathetic agglomeration of teams that comprise Asian Football), and then the 'ridiculous' notion that they should feel offended that they are not ranked higher than number 1!

Australia is of course ranked 33 in the world, despite the fact that a team they clearly dominated (except for a bad ref and a dodgy 'keeper), Croatia, is 9 rankings higher, and Italy, a team they had under the cosh (until another dodgy penalty decision), is now ranked second...

posted by: HK Dave on 07.15.06 at 07:01 AM [permalink]

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posted by: Ryan on 07.15.06 at 12:55 PM [permalink]

I wanna say something on FIFA World Cup, still excited you know..........I liked penalty kicks better than golden goals at least, Zidane's headbutt was amazing............nways, you did a great work!

posted by: Hannah on 07.15.06 at 06:54 PM [permalink]

And you did'nt talked about Italy, they need a mention atleast after their unexpected victory in FIFA World Cup 2006. But you really did a great work. Thanx for the post!!

posted by: francis Hearn on 07.19.06 at 06:16 PM [permalink]

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