June 21, 2006

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From Manchuria to the moon: Editor's Note: A previous version of this story included a graphic of the Japanese flag instead of the Chinese flag. We regret the error.

One can see how the flags of Japan and China got mixed up, them being so similar and all.

Thanks to MM for the find.

Update LfC managed to save a screenshot of Japan's conquest of China's moon.

posted by Simon on 06.21.06 at 10:01 PM in the Japan category.


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Might be more forgivable if Republic Of China flag was mistakenly used...

posted by: bobby fletcher on 06.22.06 at 12:55 AM [permalink]

Oh eighth wonder ! ):

posted by: Joshuawilson on 06.23.06 at 12:13 PM [permalink]

I had conducted a similar study, according to which the flags of India and Niger resembles a lot, they being so similar.

posted by: Phillipdaniel on 06.24.06 at 06:09 PM [permalink]

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