June 19, 2006

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The Doctor calls

Blogger and wannabe gadly George Adams emails:

2000 people a day may see your site - a pathetic number given the effort you put into promoting it - but I see an awful lot of litter bins, chewing gum on pavements, dog crap and obnoxious tourists. Does that mean they are good too? Discuss.

Stop trying so hard and stop cutting and pasting so much. And the centre column idea is manic.

See you again in 2007.

Pip, pip.


Thanks for visiting, George.

posted by Simon on 06.19.06 at 10:14 AM in the Site Stuff category.


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What's his problem????

posted by: China Law Blog on 06.19.06 at 12:09 PM [permalink]

He's an embittered creaky pom who hosts what may have been HK's first blog, though his glory daze, if he ever had any, are long since forgotten except by him.

posted by: Justin on 06.19.06 at 12:23 PM [permalink]

Don't you just love constructive crit?

posted by: RP on 06.19.06 at 11:00 PM [permalink]

Actually George is right about one thing. I can't say I'm overly fond of the center column layout. I feel the links in the side columns eat up too much screen real-estate and it leaves too little space left for reading text.

posted by: Jing on 06.20.06 at 02:10 AM [permalink]

Actually, if you ever saw George's site, you'd quickly realize that he's the last person on the planet to be giving advice about layout (or chiding anyone about cutting and pasting). Imagine Punch circa 1964 as viewed through a haze of cheap gin and baboon tranquilizers and you're in the general vicinity.

posted by: Justin on 06.20.06 at 12:12 PM [permalink]

actually the website (Not The South China Morning Post) was updated recently. you can see it at NTSCMP dot COM.

posted by: eswn on 06.20.06 at 04:57 PM [permalink]

I enjoy the site quite a bit. Nothing is wrong with cutting and pasting links to good stuff. In fact, I especially enjoy the daily linklets when you have the time and inclination to do them! So, thanks. And I'm going to c~~~~ on your ads too.

posted by: Hap on 06.21.06 at 01:33 AM [permalink]

I did'nt liked the site. It was pretty full of nooks and crannies. For a moment i was really lost in it.

posted by: Priscillawhite on 06.29.06 at 05:18 PM [permalink]

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