June 15, 2006

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Rumpus About Spicy Food

Fare thee well friends, co-contributor to HK Dave has been caught in temporal limbo. My body clock, despite my valiant attempts to resist it by succumbing to influenza, etc, is now gradually settling into Central European Time thanks to the feast of football available.

Now as my wife is Korean, I have a great deal of sympathy for the Korean team. This was magnified tenfold by the incredible welcome I got from the citizens of Cheju as I was visitor there at the last World Cup. I was therefore on the Seoul Times website looking for interesting stories about the football. And that's when I stumbled upon the picture (faintly NSFW).

The caption for the picture accompanying this article purports to be about spicy Sichuan cuisine offered up at the Seoul Hilton's Taipan restaurant.

I remember when reading James Clavell's Noble House, one character said that in Cantonese 'taipan' means 'brothel-keeper' instead of 'boss'. It seems appropriate - I knw Sichuan food is supposed to be spicy, but this seems to go entirely too far!

posted by HK Dave on 06.15.06 at 03:34 PM in the Koreas category.


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i know koreans are creative, now in advertising as well:)

posted by: sun bin on 06.16.06 at 12:23 AM [permalink]

I ve just got back from Berlin fan fest......WOW Wat a weekend, England win and i met so many fans from around the world. It was fantastic. Well done Berlin and Germany........ and who the hell had the time to think of food?????

posted by: Alva on 06.16.06 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

so sorry, korea's not going to be so lucky this time ... no longer home-ground advantage .. but they seem poised to go further than japan

posted by: 陽明室內設計 (臺灣 上海) on 06.17.06 at 01:25 AM [permalink]

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