June 08, 2006

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Hui's running Hong Kong?

Today's SCMP front page: Tsang's pick shunned so he'll ask Hui to stay

The Don wants his mate John Tsang, who took a demotion in order to line up for the Chief Secretary job. But Mr Tsang worked for the hated Chris Patten for a couple of years, which makes him ineligible in the eyes of those who really run Hong Kong. Rafael Hui, the incumbent, has consistently said he wants to quit in June 2007. So we're going to have a Chief Secretary who doesn't want to be there, a Chief Executive who can't get his candidate up and an administration that is taking it as read that it will still be running the place after the supposed Chief Executive election next year.

Wouldn't it be cheaper if we gave up the pretence and let Beijing actually run Hong Kong?

posted by Simon on 06.08.06 at 02:33 PM in the Hong Kong category.


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controlling the board is quite different from being the CEO :)

now the problem is whether the board can reject CEO's nomination of a COO?
some do, some don't.

posted by: sun bin on 06.08.06 at 02:52 PM [permalink]

But to Simon's point, that would damage the ''collective manipulated psyche'' of the Chinese people, as Lung Ying-tai has called it. China, like many dictatorships, relies on keeping up the illusory double standards, the famous ''children raised on wolf's milk'' idea that led to the Freezing Point closure a while back.

If they manipulated those manipulated by bringing too much truth into the system, then they'd really have a case on their hands. As I've lived in Hong Kong for four years, I've learned that people here get by on illusion.

There's no h ousing bubble!

There's no dictatorship!

There's nothing here but freedom and democracy, it's just inept leaders who are too immature to run Hong Kong, ''a unique place'' in the world, where universals like truth, justice and equality don't bear out.

posted by: d on 06.09.06 at 08:09 AM [permalink]

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