June 02, 2006

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New team addition

Subject to something raising my ire, my contributions in this space are likely to be limited for the next week or so. Don't blame me...

Blame her:


posted by Simon on 06.02.06 at 10:01 PM in the Personal category.


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posted by: Richard on 06.03.06 at 02:03 AM [permalink]

That WAS your text message.

I'm most happy for you, babe. That's fabulous.

Bet your son's feeling a bit outnumbered these days.

posted by: Helen on 06.03.06 at 03:55 PM [permalink]

How much you want for her?

That was a joke.

posted by: d on 06.03.06 at 04:56 PM [permalink]

Hi Simon, congratulations on the newest member of your clan. You are contributing more towards the local birthrate than six average Hong Kong-born local couples!

posted by: HK Dave on 06.04.06 at 09:58 AM [permalink]

Congratulations Simon! Nice toes~

posted by: Justin on 06.04.06 at 12:37 PM [permalink]

Dude! My deepest sympathies to you on your gain. (Joking of course. Congrats!)

posted by: Spike on 06.04.06 at 01:50 PM [permalink]

Congratulations. Judging by her feet, she's beautiful.

posted by: China Hand on 06.04.06 at 02:13 PM [permalink]

OMG! Someone get the Ninja turtles! The Foot Clan is back!

In all seriousness, congratulations Simon to you and yours. May many more fat children come into your life :)

posted by: Jing on 06.05.06 at 01:25 AM [permalink]


posted by: Tom - Daai Tou Laam on 06.05.06 at 11:35 AM [permalink]

Nice work! Are you going to tell us her name?

posted by: orb on 06.05.06 at 07:06 PM [permalink]


Great work. I've just had mine graduate from high school...its amazing how quickly they grow up.

posted by: GZ Expat on 06.07.06 at 11:29 AM [permalink]

Congratulations Simon !

posted by: the chief on 06.08.06 at 01:40 AM [permalink]

Congratulations. Is that three now?

posted by: MYRICK on 06.08.06 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

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