June 01, 2006

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Move over Bill Bryson
“Chiuchow people are the Jews of China,” Boris informs us. “They make lots of money. So they like to renovate temples like this to give everyone the impression that they are honourable.”
Why doesn't he give up his day job and start writing travelogues instead?
posted by Simon on 06.01.06 at 01:22 PM in the Travel category.


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Are you sure that *isn't* his day job?

posted by: fumier on 06.01.06 at 02:31 PM [permalink]

Well Fumie, I heard someone even suggest he may be the Bus Uncle!

posted by: Simon on 06.01.06 at 03:08 PM [permalink]

That's a thought.After all, you never see them together in public.

posted by: fumier on 06.01.06 at 05:44 PM [permalink]

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