May 25, 2006

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In Case World Cup Fever is Transmissible

Now I've seen it all. Yes folks, go down to your local Hong Kong 7-Eleven and thanks to Durex you will now find 'England Supporter', 'Germany Supporter' and 'Brazil Supporter' rubbers for sale, and I mean it in an American sense (i.e. not pencil mark erasers).

An interesting way of demonstrating your passion for your chosen team at the quadrennial Football event of the world, to say the least. I understand buying kits, or uniforms in American parlance, but it seems the average condom doesn't really see the light of day much if at all, providing precious little opportunity to bandy about your national loyalty.

Given that Poland is to be involved as a contender in this year's Finals, it reminded me of an idiotic joke from my youth -

"Q: What's the ultimate luxury good in Poland?
A: A fur-lined condom."
Ugh. A final thought to end this little latex thought balloon: Would sales of 'Japan Supporter' condoms in China (specifically Zhuhai) cause an international incident?

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"Giving your all" takes on a whole new meaning.

posted by: Simon on 05.26.06 at 12:45 PM [permalink]

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