May 10, 2006

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Are you a geeky tech kind of person who loves writing and picking up some easy cash? Then please read this from CNet Asia:

We're actually looking for someone who can write in English on the personal tech/IT lifestyle scene in Hong Kong, about twice a week.

It's more a passion and an opportunity to showcase the SAR's tech scene
usingthe CNET Asia platform rather than a livelihood as we're paying a
token amount.

If that sounds like you and you could use a token payment in return for your IT blogging expertise, please leave a comment or send me an email and I'll put you in touch. As a special offer to readers, I'll waive my typical spotter's fee.

posted by Simon on 05.10.06 at 04:43 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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I just resigned from the Standard. As of Thursday. Hurray. Send me some info.

posted by: doug on 05.10.06 at 06:27 PM [permalink]

doug, do you need to announce your resignation on a popular blog?

posted by: Gloria on 05.10.06 at 07:17 PM [permalink]

What's the problem, Gloria?

posted by: THM on 05.11.06 at 11:56 AM [permalink]

I do work in the media...

I see no problem. Oh, except I haven't told my boss! Damnit!


posted by: doug on 05.11.06 at 12:31 PM [permalink]

Good for you Doug

posted by: Flagrant on 05.11.06 at 01:37 PM [permalink]

Gordon - I didn't mean it was a problem. I was just curious.

posted by: Gloria on 05.11.06 at 02:37 PM [permalink]

Doug, there's the always lucrative* co-blogging slot at Simon World open for you.

* By lucrative, I mean you get nothing but kudos and adulation. Don't think "lucre".

posted by: Simon on 05.11.06 at 06:12 PM [permalink]

Is Lucre a French word?

I'll think about it.

posted by: d on 05.14.06 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

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