May 06, 2006

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Chinese sex toys

Time to bump up the ratings using that old adage that "sex sells". From the SCMP, a comparison of Chinese and Western preferences in sex toys. The main article discusses how one family got their start in the business, realising that yet again Chinese made sex toys could be cheaper but just as good as foreign models (pardon the pun). Far better is the breakout article:

The Chinese are much more adventurous than Europeans and Americans when it comes to sex toys, said Wu Hui , chairman of Wenzhou Adam and Eve Health Products. "It's strange. Among the countries we export to - developed countries in Europe and the Americas - they like simplicity. In China, they want more functions."...

At one of the company's shops in Wenzhou , a middle-aged woman clerk proudly shows products to a customer. "Before I worked here, I had never seen these things before," she said. Despite a lack of customers on a recent morning, she claimed that all the types of products on display had found buyers. "Someone has bought everything, even these," she said, gesturing to a pile of leather garments adorned with metal.

Holding up an item labelled the Erotic Butterfly, she said: "This is suitable for young ladies." She then moved on to demonstrate several other products. Customers who make it through the door are not usually embarrassed. One day last winter, a man bought an inflatable doll and declared he needed it to keep warm.

But even the clerk admitted she felt embarrassed sometimes. Dropping her voice to a whisper even though there was no one else in the store, she pointed to a device displayed in a sealed glass cabinet and said: "Someone from Shandong bought this once."

Those crazy people from Shandong. Could exotic sex tours of Chinese provinces be far behind? It would give new meaning to "Golden Week".

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Im thinking of minature dildos.

posted by: LHM on 05.06.06 at 12:12 PM [permalink]

What was in the case ????

posted by: Andrew on 05.06.06 at 10:05 PM [permalink]

Pictures, darnit. Where are the pictures?

posted by: Phillep on 05.07.06 at 01:59 AM [permalink]

Not according to the Durex Sex Attitudes Survey: .cn/download/2005report.pdf

(take out the space; comments here aren't friendly to Chinese domains)

posted by: Micah on 05.09.06 at 06:55 PM [permalink]

Another great successes story from China. I am always glad to read how someone starts with an idea and turns it into something profitable. Some pics would be great next time!

posted by: Jessica on 05.13.06 at 05:15 AM [permalink]

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