April 17, 2006

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Land of the falling sun

Just had another very pleasant trip to Japan. Sure Narita Airport is closer to Hawaii than Tokyo and I had the pleasure of spending the Easter weekend stuck in a seminar, but otherwise it was great. One thing I've always kept in the back of my mind is that Tokyo is an accident waiting to happen, that accident being an earthquake. I've always wondered what the right thing to do in an earthquake might be - I've heard plenty of stories where locals enjoy much merriment as their gaijin visitors scrable under desks.

Thankfully Tokyo's Metropolitan Government has come to the rescue, with an easy to understand guide for what to do when the big one hits. The good folks have also included a series of cartoons to really make sure the message hits home. Like all good stories, this one has subliminal messages...Japundit points out the hidden meanings these cartoons really contain. See if you can spot the black guy.

On a different note, I know what Hong Kong developers are getting for Christmas.

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From the linked page of earthquake instructions: "The most frightening thing during an earthquake is the threat of fires." Yes, and hopefully this time around the Japanese government makes sure that the gas companies turn off the gas, unlike during the Kobe earthquake when they refused to turn off the gas supply to Kobe so as not to inconvenience their commercial customers.

posted by: Adrian on 04.18.06 at 03:23 PM [permalink]

Ya its time now to understand the rescue operations related to earthquake.
Yes i agree with u that cartoons r not made just for fun but contains some hidden meanings.
Thanks to Tokyo's Metropolitan Government that came forward to rescue.

posted by: jack on 04.20.06 at 06:12 PM [permalink]

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