April 12, 2006

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Out with the old

Beijing has announced new criteria for selecting its next generation of provincial leaders, reports the SCMP:

...a notice was issued recently by the central leadership spelling out the requirements for the provincial leadership changes that will be completed in the first half of next year.

Future provincial leaders must have a high political standard, be professionally capable, have a good record in their personal life and have earned the trust of the public...Special emphasis would be placed on the candidates' record in public administration, combating corruption, promoting consensus and personal qualities such as honesty and modesty.

In particular, the appraisal of future leaders would not be based solely on their economic performance but would also look at areas such as promoting social harmony and achievements in protecting the environment.

All of which is noble and good, but makes one wonder what criteria they've been using previously.

posted by Simon on 04.12.06 at 08:58 AM in the China politics category.


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