April 11, 2006

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Model worker

This could be titled "what they don't teach you at Havard Business School". People pay tens of thousands of dollars to go to business schools when all they needed to do was take a Shanghai taxi.

posted by Simon on 04.11.06 at 12:53 PM in the China people category.


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it should read "Shanghai" taxi. :)

posted by: sun bin on 04.11.06 at 01:41 PM [permalink]

Oops. Fixed.

posted by: Simon on 04.11.06 at 03:20 PM [permalink]

Check out or link Roland's blog for a translation of a satire "The Beijing Streetwalker's MBA Lecture." Brilliant stuff: http://zonaeuropa.com/20060408_1.htm

posted by: Justin on 04.12.06 at 05:12 PM [permalink]

great site, but I cant wait until monday

posted by: bob on 04.30.06 at 03:54 AM [permalink]

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