April 03, 2006

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Slash and burn

It's well known that the TV in Hong Kong is mediocre at best. Luckily our law courts more than make up for it. The latest is a story involving triads, lawyers, sex, affairs, a kung-fu master, a knife attack in a foot massage parlour and (inevitably) an Annie Pang connection...and it's all ad free.

posted by Simon on 04.03.06 at 09:24 AM in the Hong Kong category.


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This is an entertaining story, neck and neck with Pang's case. Someone may want to put it on theatre screen, if local screenplay writers can't come up with any jucy stories. Reimer can play the leading role. She was an actress. Next Media asks readers to vote on a list of actors who may best play the lead if the fatal police shoot-out involving constable and murder supect Tsui-Po-ko were turned into a movie. Disgusting!! Alex Lo of SCMP suggests that Jimmy Lai, Next Media boss, could do a cameo.

posted by: Gloria on 04.03.06 at 01:33 PM [permalink]

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