March 20, 2006

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Cops and robbers

One of the very best things about movies is the safety they offer - you know that at the end of 2 hours the whole thing will be over and you can return to reality. Even as the stories suck you in, you allow yourself to go on the journey because it is conducted from a comfortable middle-distance away from the events themselves.

Sometimes, however, reality gives you a movie-like scenario that's all too real. The Friday shooting of 2 Hong Kong cops by another seemingly corrupt one would (and likely will) make a great movie one day, but for now it is simply a tragedy. Despite appearances to the contrary, this city's seedy underbelly still thrives and survives.

posted by Simon on 03.20.06 at 09:02 AM in the Hong Kong category.


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Doesn't this kind of remind you of that local movie Infernal affairs?...

posted by: cl on 03.21.06 at 12:56 PM [permalink]

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