March 07, 2006

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A bittersweet appreciation for Chinese Law

I've been spending a lot of time trying to gather my thoughts in order to compose a series of entires reflecting on the 15 months I spent living in various parts of China and just when I thought it impossible to find something positive to say about Chinese law, I discovered a newfound, yet bittersweet sense of appreciation:

POLICE in northeast China have detained a 32-year-old man suspected of sexually assaulting and killing more than 20 children. Gong Runbo is believed to have lured the children to his apartment in Jiamusi city in Heilongjiang province where he carried out the killings and often left the bodies to decompose, reports said.

He was only stopped on February 28, when a boy escaped and managed to alert the police, according to the report in the Beijing News. Officers sent to search Gong's apartment came across a gruesome scene of rotting bodies and scattered bones, it said. Four of the corpses were still in a somewhat intact state and showed signs of having been sexually abused before their deaths, according to the paper. Forensic evidence led police to conclude that perhaps more than 20 children had been killed in the apartment, it said.

The maximum punishment for murder in China is the death penalty.

I refer to my appreciation of Chinese law in this instance as bittersweet because even though it is a demonstration of justice served, the end result is the taking of another life -- a punishment I agree with in this case, but one that is no doubt handed down far too often in China for crimes that are much, much less serious.

Of course, I can also appreciate the fact that this sick imbecile will not spend the next 27 years appealing his sentence from Death Row and nor will his execution be delayed in order to ensure that it is carried out in a humane manner - a consideration his victims were not so fortunate to receive.

posted by Gordon on 03.07.06 at 02:50 PM in the China law category.


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let's not forget that you can also get the death penalty for stealing a purse.

posted by: dave on 03.08.06 at 10:02 AM [permalink]

So stop stealing purses, Dave. :-P

posted by: Gordon on 03.08.06 at 01:30 PM [permalink]

That one boy managing to escape saved a lot of other kids from molestation and death.

posted by: tangent Shenzhen on 03.08.06 at 02:40 PM [permalink]

Yes, Tangent, you are absolutely correct and I tip my hat to the young lad.

I know may people will disagree with me, but I believe those who prey on Children should receive the ultimate punishment.

posted by: Gordo on 03.08.06 at 03:39 PM [permalink]

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