February 24, 2006

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Keeping kids safe

Spike points out that China is banning a growing menace. Via the BBC:

Cartoons that blend live-action actors with animation are to be banned from TV in China...The move is aimed at promoting Chinese animators and apparently curbing the use of foreign cartoons.

China's State Administration of Radio Film and Television said people who flout the ban will be punished.

Lucky bastards won't have to put up with crap like this or this. Parents of young kids around the world will soon be beating a path to China's door, desperate to escape the inanity that largely is children's animation. Is that China's hidden agenda: attracting migrants? Could that be the solution to the coming demographic crunch thanks to the one-child policy? Isn't it easier just to remove the one-child policy anyway?

But hark, think of what horrendous wonders China's animators will come up with to fill this obvious gap in the market. And marvel at the stupidity of such a ban when any of the banned shows will still be freely available on DVD for a couple of yuan.

Invoking Occam's razor, the real reason for this ban is obvious: the head of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television the father of young kids.

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With the new emphasis on Marxism, the kids in China will no doubt have a new father figure called Uncle Mao or some such. Look for characters who speak in cliches and platitudes and describe Uncle Mao in superlatives such as "glorious," etc. The sacharine in their tones will no doubt give a whole generation of kids diabetes. I'll take my sugar in Snickers bars any day.

posted by: Grant on 02.26.06 at 04:53 AM [permalink]

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