February 14, 2006

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A New Transparency in China

For Big Brother and China's KTVs, that is. A new law that will go into effect March 1st, stipulates that all discos and karaoke lounges must install surveillance equipment at all entrances, exits and public hallways. Copies of the tapes must be kept for 30 days.

In addition, all private rooms, a staple of the KTV industry (which is most often a front for prostitution) must have non-locking doors and a transparent window into the room from the public hallway.

It is ostensibly to address the fire that killed Chinese revellers on New Years' Day, but I don't think any sensible person believes that.

Oh, and it also tosses in as a rule that no officials can any longer have an interest (of the ownership variety, at least) in nightclubs of any kind.

I wonder how far this new rule will be enforced outside of Beijing's city limits (or even within them, for that matter?). The clean-up of the CCP's image appears to be underway. Let's see if they can find the janitors to do the job - on a regular basis.

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