February 04, 2006

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All change at SCMP

The SCMP has poached The Standard's Mark Clifford and David Armstrong is completely gone:

The South China Morning Post has appointed Mark Clifford as editor-in-chief, effective April 1, SCMP Group chairman Kuok Khoon Ean announced yesterday. At the same time, David Armstrong has decided to step down as director, editorial, of the Post from March 1, in order to focus his time on the Bangkok Post, where he has held the position of deputy chief executive officer since May 1 last year.

Mr Clifford joins the Post from The Standard, where he has been publisher and editor-in-chief since January 2004. Previously, he was Asia regional editor at BusinessWeek, where he worked from 1995 to 2003. He started his career in Asia at the Far Eastern Economic Review in 1987 and held a number of posts, including business editor, before leaving the magazine in 1995.

Has Mr Kuok realised how far the SCMP has slipped and what a serious competitor the far smaller Standard is becoming? And what changes will Mr Clifford introduce? Interesting times...

Updated reading

* Fons comments on the decline of the SCMP over the past 10 yeatrs.
* Amy Gu has an insider's perspective.

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For reasons completely baffling and seemingly entirely spiteful, before he left The Standard Mr Clifford saw fit to sack two of his top deputies: Lin Neumann and John Berthelsen. Both were hugely popular with both the Chinese and Gweilo underlings at The Standard.
Mr Berthelsen received his notice via phone in a California hospital where he'd flown to give a bone marrow transplant to his dying twin brother.
What Clifford did was akin to burning down the house as he left it. A senseless and spiteful act of journalistic vandalism inflicted on two men who were primarily responsible for The Standard's upswing in the last two years.

posted by: Ink stained wretch on 02.05.06 at 10:08 AM [permalink]

It was not a bone marrow transplant, though that sounds romantic.

He was donating stem cells for his cancer-stricken brother. Otherwise, yeah, pretty awful.

posted by: dwight on 02.05.06 at 06:08 PM [permalink]

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